Art therapy is a form of (psycho)therapy with the means of art. Art in itself is healing as it nourishes the soul. The purpose of art therapy is to enhance creative abilities, to train sensual perception, development of resources and creative potentials, development of social skills and facilitating a creative and constructive way of living. Through the activation of a person in his physical, psychological and spiritual wholeness art therapy activates the rehabilitation of a creative capacity to live one's life. Art therapy is also successfully applied in inner medicine, with cancer and other terminally ill patients. The goal there is obviously not recovery but acceptance of the situation and work on biography.

In my way of supporting people through art therapy my approach is to accompany people through the creative process as a means to self expression. Art therapy is therefore a playground to learn a responsible and conscious way of life.

By the means of processes of perception and design, creative and artistic interaction, examination of properties and effects of materials I help clients to become conscious of unhealthy patterns and disorders, facilitate transformation and mobilze authentic biographic, emotional and mental resources. I advance people in their entire being and motivate them to find a new sense of life. My clients develop by this way the competence to create their life in a positive and constructive way.

Duration of therapy varies and depends on the agreed goal of therapy and new perspectives and solutions that arise during the therapeutic process. Therapy can be regarded as accomplished when the personal situation has been clarified and new views and perspectives of action are integrated into everyday's life.

In my art therapeutical work I specialized on the field of psychosomatics and psychiatry and have successfully supported patients in an important anthroposophic holistic clinic/hospital in Germany on their way of healing.

Now you can have private sessions in Freiburg in a beautiful and inspiring surrounding. Some german health insurances, such as Securvita refund up to 10 sessions of art therapy per year when being prescribed by a doctor.

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