As an artist i have worked with mainly painting oil on canvas, photography, and sculpture.

This is about my understanding of art and the creative process.

Laya is a term from the ancient sanscrit language and means dissolution, union, disappearance. This is the mystical meeting point between the materialised and the non-materialised in the cosmos. It is a state of balance and tranquility. This state of being can be achieved through exclusive devotion to something. It is a yogic practice, and is also a part the creative process. The artist becomes one with the current piece of work, separates again from it and something new is being created. The creative process and conscious life constantly flow between the poles of becoming one and returning to everyday's dualistic perception of the world and the tasks to be performed here.

The artist stands out through his task of making the invisible visible. In my artistic process I deeply connect with the topic of each piece of work, esp. again and again with nature. It is my special concern to show and raise the consciousness of the viewer to the soul, the deeper meaning, the divine, the outstanding in the conventional, going past unnoticed by many people and also to show the interbeing, the interconnectedness of everything. I therefore emphasize on painting not the tree dimensional world as we know it but rather its underlying energetic qualities.

As a visionary artist I invite you to view the works in a contemplative way. While the torrent of media images is surging through more and more areas of our lives, the works being shown here, esp. the newer ones open up a space of discretion that allows unusual and in part new visual experiences and brings them to life. These works strongly contrast with hectic everyday's life of most people. They call for a decelerated eye that meets with worlds of poetic images in which the experienced and the dreamed, the conscious and the unconscious appear to be intertangled in a singular way. Meditation becomes possible and the longer contemplation may lead to an oases of spiritual truth and clarity.

Since my childhood I am into fine art, my artistic expressions have obviously gone through various stages and areas of interests, which are represented here only partially .

The oil on canvas paintings are made with self made paint from high quality pigments. It is impossible to convey their truly impressive effect on digital media. I therefore offer the possibility to view them in my home in Freiburg, when not being exhibited. Please feel free to contact me to arrange for a visit.

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