all these scientific papers were written in German

2007 scientific diploma degree thesis, Ottersberg
- Shamanism as one of the origins of healing.
Its connection to art and art therapy

2006 scientific assignment, Ottersberg
- Trauma through torture and exile, escape and migration

2006 scientific assignment, Ottersberg
- Ayurveda. Fundamentals and approaches for therapy

2005 scientific assignment and lecture, Ottersberg
- Biography of Sri Aurobindo

2005 lecture, Ethnomed Institute
presentation of results of field research and methods of healing of the Mamallacta family, Ecuador
(family of shamans since 8 generations and apparently most important shamans in South America)

2004 scientific assignment and lecture, Ottersberg
- Visionary Art. The missions of art for this transformative age

2002 translation of a scientific article
- The practice of a Pepo healer
published in the Handbook of Ethnotherapies, Munich